Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains some information how aritycode works:

What is is an online coding platform where you can practice many programming languages such as Python, R, and MATLAB. The website provides coding problems at different difficulty levels and for different applications. You can find from easy and basic coding problems to advanced machine learning problems. The website is updated frequently with new problems.

Is registration required?

No registration is required to use the website. However to take advantage of our features, we recommend creating an account so that you can keep track of your solution and progress.

Do I need to complete my profile information?

Profile information is completely optional. The information you provided is used to gather some statistics about the visitors of the website. You can add or remove your profile information at anytime.

How can I submit my code?

Each problem page contains three blocks. The description block contains the information about the problem you need to solve with a couple of examples. Coding block provides a coding editor to write your solution for the given problem. In the coding section, a template is provided which describes the data type and number of inputs (arity) and the required outputs. You should not change the template as it can break the test cases. You code should be written between the input and the output arguments. You can check your solution by clicking Submit button. Your code is tested for different test cases and results are shown.

What is Reset button?

If you accidentally change the template, you can reset the content of the code editor by clicking Reset button.

How can I save my solution?

If you are signined in your account, you can save your solution by submitting your code and your latest submission is saved.

Why am I getting No Output message?

If your code does not generate any output, "No Output" message is shown. Make sure you have the correct output based on the template.

Why am I getting Compile Error message?

If your code generates any error during testing process, "Compile Error" message is shown. Make sure you core is error free and has no syntax problem.

Why am I getting Timeout Error message?

Your code should run completely under a specific time-limit. If your code runs longer than the expected time, Timeout Error is shown. You need to optimize your code to run faster or check for any bug (e.g. infinite loop).